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Welcome to one of the most surreal destinations in the country. Welcome to Pangong. The Merak invites you to indulge in an unforgettable panorama forged by the incredible beauty of Pangong Tso and the clear Ladakhi skies and mountains that surround it. Borrowing its name from the fifth brightest star that is used to find the north way in the Ursa Major, the Merak awaits your visit with warm hospitality, excellent fare and delicious comfort.

When to Visit

THE BEST TIME TO VISIT AND ENJOY Pangong is from April to October 2022.

The Merak welcomes travellers from April to October 2022, which is the best time to visit.  A magical drive through surreal mountainous landscapes ushers you to the entrance of Pangong’s first boutique hotel that overlooks the incredible crystalline expanse of the Pangong lake or Pangong Tso. Known to be the world’s highest saltwater lake (situated at a height of over 4000 metres), the majority of Pangong rests in China, but the Indian subcontinent is lucky to share one-third of this beautiful body of water within its territory. Locals go through painstaking effort to maintain the pristinity of this lake, and we request our guests to respect the same. 

Recreational Activities

Engage your adventurous side with curated treks organised by our team

All the rooms have Wi-Fi bases infotainment system

Enjoy the chill in front of our family-style bonfire every night.  

Spend a night identifying major constellations and the star that gives this boutique resort its name.

Partake of a special meal with a loved one: The Merak organised a romantic candle-lit dinner for two by the blue

Movie buffs, avail entertainment on our bigscreen cinema theatre that is blue-tooth enabled

Our Inspiration

Fashioned from a blend of innovative architectural practices and homage to Dutch Painter Piet Mondrian, the Merak is a subtle culmination of contemporary meets classic. The property employs clean rectangular shapes etched out in grey, black and white – Mondrian’s signature style, one that is especially apparent in the Merak’s dining hall. 

The hotel also features a sculpture made by a local Ladakhi artist as a tribute to Mondrian’s work. 

We’re proud to showcase our cottages as Pangong’s first heated cottages. Constructed innovatively to withstand the area’s freezing temperatures, each cottage is built using double layered UV-resistant PVC panel sheets. These sheets create a greenhouse effect further enhanced by rammed earth walls that retain the heat using the light emission of the surface in a controlled panel. 

Sustainable Practices

We use solar materials in our buildings to create sustainable heating options for our guests


All pets are welcome at our pet-friendly resort

No Tolerance for Trash

Pangong’s beauty lies in its unpolluted natural state. We have a zero tolerance for trash policy. 

Our Cottages

It was only natural to name our rooms after the many stars we could identify. Each cottage – we feature 11 in all – here is a state-of-the-art edifice modelled and constructed innovatively to keep you warm without exploiting natural resources. Lie back and admire the Ladakhi sky through a fitted skylight, and enjoy state-of-the-art wi-fi-based infotainment systems. Each room also features 24 hours hot water supply. Touted to be Pangong’s first heated cottages, our rooms are built to withstand Pangong’s freezing temperatures; each cottage is built using Israeli UV-resistant PVC panels. These panels create a greenhouse effect further enhanced by rammed earth walls that retain the heat using the light emission of the surface in a controlled panel. We also offer oxygen concentrators here.

What Makes Us Special

You are hard pressed to find a location as stunningly beautiful – everywhere you look, there is a picture just waiting to be taken. The deep blue of Pangong Tso is forever mesmerizing, it  changes colour as you walk towards it to become a clear expanse of water that reflects magnificent sunrises and sunsets here. 

Rooms & Reservations


Room 1

Dear Guest, Greetings!

Please note: To book a stay with The Merak, Pangong, local government guidelines must be followed. Travelers should be vaccinated with both doses and must carry the vaccination certificate. Else please carry the Negative RTPCR not more than 72 hours prior to arriving at Leh airport!